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Melbourne Covid weddings – pain or shiny opportunity?

An article about the magic of choosing your own adventure ✨

Has your wedding been affected by COVID-19? For so many couples are now as we hop, skip and jumping out of lockdown, planning their wedding in this ‘COVID normal’ world. A disruption, YES! However, this has been a grand opportunity to really think through what is important to them.

For instance, is it the 10-person person bridal party, complete with that distant cousin? Is it the traditional sit down alternate meal with seating plans and 300 guests your dream. Or is it about crafting your perfect celebration? An intimate micro wedding, personal vows and a three-course private dinner at your all-time favourite restaurant? Cue Cutler and Co and 20 of your nearest and dearest. Send the invitations now!!

Here’s some things you can think about while you are reshaping and re-designing the happiest day of your life. Because no matter what you choose, your COVID free, wedding reimagined, WILL be the happiest day!

ourne covid wedding 2021 at Collingwood Childrens Farm bride with white florals

Your Guest list

Do you really need ALL those guests? You know the answer to this. With all the restriction changes, I’m sure you at least worked it out at one stage. If you could only have 20 people who would you invite? Do you really need a large bridal party? Or just one fave person that you want to hang out with on the morning? You can get pampered and they can help you into your gown or do up your tie? Only you know the right answer for you. But it could be a good way to create a smaller, more personal group, and help your budget along the way.

Covid wedding at the Melbourne Wedding Registry office on Spring Street one white day gown second wedding

The Venue

There’s no reason to ditch a traditional venue (especially if you have already paid your deposit!). But if you were starting to plan again, I love the idea of hiring an Air BnB away from the city and having your wedding on the property. Friends and family can stay with you and as the day becomes night, guests and children alike can step away and snooze. It also gives you more control if COVID restrictions change or a wave three begins.

I know a great Air BnB that can take up to 20 of your nearest and dearest here in Melbourne or Victoria, just ask!

Bride and groom at small air BnB intimate micro wedding The barn in Heathcote sipping cocktail bride wears Karen Willis Holmes during COVID 2021

Elope now & afterparty later

Are you more excited by the idea of marrying your best friend in a wild-open space? This could be for you. Imagine sharing your vows in front of stunning mountains ranges or a grand waterfall.

And after your epic wedding, throwing an after-party for friends and family might just be the ticket. If you are keen to do this, I have a specific Elopement package in my pricing for this, with a few hours photography coverage for the ceremony and photos afterwards, plus a few hours for your party on another date. Hint – it works out more cost-efficient than hiring separate sessions.

Micro wedding or elopement in Melbourne Victoria covid affected wedding drink with best man whisky and crystal

The flowers and bridesmaids gowns

I don’t know about you, but choosing wedding colours is a real challenge. We all have favourite colours, but choosing one and trying to match it with tones that match your bridesmaid’s skin tones and gowns is just way too hard. So here is a novel idea.

Ask your bridesmaids to choose a dress that they love in a range of colours you love, then go for florals that piece together all of the colours in their gowns. The soft pink florals to go with the soft pink gown days only work for some. Even as I write this, I’m sure I’ll see the soft pink tones done exceptionally well tomorrow and I’ll be eating my words.

Wedding Styling by the Event Merchant Co in Melbourne black and colourful florals rustic barn Bendigo

I’ll be sharing more beautiful, weddings imagined after COVID over on my Instagram @cadence.and.grace as they all unfold in front of my lens. Love, Marisa xx


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I’m Marisa from Cadence and Grace Photography and I’m not your average Melbourne Wedding Photographer. To me, a wedding is the greatest celebration of the depths of human connection. When you know in your core that ‘your person’ makes you light up inside and that you can’t imagine a world without them. A wedding is a celebration of you finding each other in this crazy world. It’s your declaration screaming ‘Hells YES!’ to a lifetime of daily adventures, holiday planning, long brunches, eternally lost socks, long drives, trying to keep indoor plants alive and fights over which movie to watch together on Netflix. It’s a celebration of the real you, together and the perfectly imperfect.

Above all, when I document your wedding, I’m documenting a story and connection that is unique to the two of you. I’m showcasing its beauty in a day filled with fresh florals, champagne toasts, smiles (and often tears), proud grandparents, first kisses, cheese towers, drunken cousins and dance floor antics. The big moments and all the little moments in between.

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