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Hey there, I’m Marisa! A sentimental soul with a calm vibe, who’s happiest outdoors, paddling in rock pools on the coast and experiencing life, one wild and graceful moment at a time. I can’t wait to get to know you – for now, here’s a little more about me…

My name literally means ‘of the sea’ in Latin; so naturally, my first love was swimming. I want to say I was good at it, but can still hear my mum’s voice telling me to stop being so humble... In reality, I frequently qualified for national events and even broke a few records along the way *blushing*! However, my love for swimming was never about trophies or that 30 cent Maccas ice-cream that I’d get on the way home every Saturday; it was about my passion, commitment and drive. It was about the calmness, sensation and focus of gliding underneath the water, where the world slowed down.

I firmly believe in universal connection and how the energy that flows through us guides our path through life. I don’t believe in chance encounters. If we meet, it’s kismet; you have not arrived in this place in life by accident, but rather by purpose.

The call of the creative
Having given up competitive swimming and followed a career in the corporate world, I found that my creativity yearned for an outlet. I craved genuine human connection. I traded the goggles of my childhood for my trusty camera, I plunged heart-first into a new kind of deep end.

Just like my swimming journey, my passion for photography isn’t about accolades or trophies. It’s about an innate curiosity for the human experience and the sentimentality of the moments that make up our lives. To be honest, what inspires my art is you and your journey.

Every photo is the culmination of a serendipitous symphony of events that has led us to this picture-perfect moment. I think life is a lot like that. A series of interconnected events that intertwine to create our most significant stories and frameable moments. A missed tram leading to a chance encounter. A friend’s ‘surprise’ introduction to your future spouse’s sister-in-law. A cheeky swipe right that ignites a romance and fundamentally changes the course of our lives for the better.

From a constant tempo of shutter clicks and heartbeats, a pattern emerges – a sacred rhythm with cadence, grace and a life of its own.

my why

We lost her to cancer when I was 23 and I frequently come back to this image with warmth in my heart. You see, we can’t make any more memories together; I can’t drop in to have a cup of tea with her, or call her about my day... but I always have this image. Where we are happy together. Where my teeny, chubby little hands touched her shoulders.

And without this image, this memory, this moment would be long gone.

When I’m creating images for my clients, this is what I aim to capture. A moment to be treasured. An emotionally rich record of your connection with the people around you that will surpass this moment in time. One that you can look back on in a week, a year, or a lifetime and truly remember what it is to love and be loved, connected with another soul.

It's deep, but it will forever be my ‘why’.

This image is the epitome of my ‘why’ – the gift of pausing a moment in time forever.

This grainy, aged and averagely exposed image sits delicately in the forefront of my heart. The photographer in me wishes it was captured differently...the sentimental soul in me realises the perfection is in the moment.

This is my mum and me.

To create a space of calm, where you can whole-heartedly
 be yourself and celebrate your connection with those who matter most xx

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