hello, I'm Marisa

Growing up, I was never one to beat my own drum
I happily flew under the radar in the crowded school ground, handing well-rounded report cards end of each semester.

But come the weekend, my superpowers would reveal themselves.
From age eight to eighteen, I amassed a giant bag of trophies from swim meets. I qualified for national events and broke records for lifesaving.

I even held a lifesaving record for CPR with an accuracy of 99.8 %… because precision is queen!

Come Monday morning I’d slip quietly into the classroom, qualified for the National Championships, without mentioning a word to anyone.

Melbourne fAMILY & wedding pHOTOGRAPHER

My flair for photography revealed itself a similar fashion
I’d tired of climbing the impersonal corporate ladder and my creativity, plus the need to infuse my career with human connection, bubbled frantically beneath the surface.

Swapping the swim goggles and Speedos of my childhood for a camera and lenses, I plunged wholeheartedly into a new kind of deep end.

Much like swimming, my passion for photographing people isn’t about the accolades or trophies.
It’s about achieving a personal best, giving each client their time in the spotlight and soaking up the energy that only human connection can generate.

And that’s the funny thing about life, don’t you think?! That a small series of events and actions add up to our most significant story.

A chance encounter at the supermarket becomes a life-long romance. A cheeky glance becomes the hero image of an album. A weekend bike ride or Sunday brunch form the photographs that are gifted to the next generation, and the next.

And from a series of strokes and breaths, or the click-click-click of a shutter, emerges a pattern with a rhythm, cadence, grace and life of its own.

I’ll never tire of weaving through a crowded room, just like gliding smoothly through the water, as I capture newly-weds celebrating one of the most cherished moments of their life.

It’s the same feeling that would overcome me as I stepped onto the pool’s edge, steeling myself to slice through the water with all the power my body and mind could muster. Or as I scan for details during my engagement shoots, looking for the graceful touch of hands and a nervous laugh that says, “We’re really doing this!” Or when I pause on the front steps of a family’s home, hearing the delightful cadence of children’s laughter bounce down the hall, and mum or dad rushing to tuck in clothing and smooth wild hair.

my why

We lost her to cancer when I was 23 and I frequently come back to this image with warmth in my heart. You see, we can’t make any more memories together; I can’t drop in to have a cup of tea with her, or call her about my day... but I have this image. Where we are happy together. Where my teeny, chubby little hands touched her shoulders.

And without this image, this memory, this moment would be long gone.

When I am creating images for my clients, this is what I create. A moment to be treasured. An emotionally rich record of your connection with the people around you that will surpass this moment in time. One that you can look back on in a week, a year, or a lifetime and truly remember what it is to love and be loved, connected with another soul.  

It's deep but it is my why.

This image is the epitome of my ‘why’ - the gift of pausing a moment in time forever.

This grainy, aged and averagely exposed image sits delicately in the forefront of my heart. The photographer in me wishes is was captured differently, the sentimental soul in me says the perfection is in the moment.

This is my mum and me. 

To create a space of calm, where you can whole-heartedly
 be yourself and celebrate your connection with those who matter most xx

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