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If you’d like a glimpse into the life of a natural wedding photographer in Melbourne, let this be your window! I’m truly honoured to work with each and every one of my clients. I look forward to adding many more delightful stories to this collection as my journey continues.

An article about the thing we are most uncomfortable talking about – money! ✨ I want to say something straight up. It’s something that I tell my couples openly when they talk about budget and I’m telling you now because, personally, I care about your relationship more than your wedding day. But there IS NO […]

An article about the magic of choosing your own adventure ✨ Has your wedding been affected by COVID-19? For so many couples are now as we hop, skip and jumping out of lockdown, planning their wedding in this ‘COVID normal’ world. A disruption, YES! However, this has been a grand opportunity to really think through […]

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