Cadence & Grace
Family Gallery

"These are the first photos I really feel like I am in with my daughter. The way she looks at me - you captured it perfectly"

This is such a small proportion of my family galleries. I love them all so much and completely respect each families privacy if they ask for them not to be shared on socials. There is no posing in my sessions - I think  we both know your three year old is not going to following posing instructions :P . Instead I give prompts, activities and play games "can you draw a picture of your favourite animal on your mum's cheek with your nose?'... yes, you may end up covered in goop if they have a runny noes, but the photos are priceless.

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I'm not sure how to say this perfectly, but I feel it is important to say. If you look through this gallery and do not see families or individuals that look like you and your family, either in gender or non-gender make up, number of parents, race or nationality, disability, religion, age, size, life-stage or confidence level, I want you to know that this is not intentional. This is just a representation of the sorts of families it has been my privilege to photograph so far in my business journey. I believe that family connection and belonging is one of the most precious things and should be celebrated in every form.
Marisa xx