11 July 2020
Sessions from 8:40am-12:40pm

Gasworks  Art Park
21 Graham St, Albert Park


It's that time again!

Your family memories are precious beyond belief, so I'm thrilled that you are investing in preserving them.

Family Mini-sessions are a great way to update your family photos or begin your regular family photo session journey.
These short, snack-sized sessions are often great for young families where keeping the attention span of children is key.

Spots are extremely limited - book now on using the button below to secure your session.
I only run these sessions a few times a year & they regularly sell out.

Cadence & Grace Family Mini-sessions

What you receive

15 minute photo session
9 high resolution Jpeg images of your choice from your gallery

Price: $260

Family Mini sessioN bookings now available

$260 per session

A personal note from Marisa:

Why Gasworks Park? 

2020 has been a year of realisation for me. Just how privileged I am and the gratitude I have for it.
From having the opportunity to help our Bush fire victims and Asylum Seekers Refugee friends back in January, to having income during the COVID outbreak unlike a lot of my photographer and wedding vendor friends, along with amazing clients who approached COVID  re-bookings with compassion and humility; and now simply having the choice has to how I show up in my day-to-day life and business to create space for Indigenous voices and other segregated pockets of our community.
I tell you this, not to big note myself (I'm really icky about being the centre of attention), or 'collect cookies' but because every night when I curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and my happy little cat, I pause and am filled to the brim with gratitude for the life I am privileged to experience - I know I am one of the lucky ones. 

The locations I choose for my photo shoots are very deliberate. You'll see, they are anchored in stunning natural backdrops, with the hope that one day after our shoot you will return there, with a picnic basket, or just in your outdoor gear to enjoy the location again. And if you too can love the outdoors as much I as I do, then you will make more conscious choices around protecting our world and environment.

With my February Mini-Sessions being pushed back due to COVID, it has really made me think about my venue choice. Firstly, we need somewhere warm so that we can keep our little humans warm and dry, with access to a natural setting in case the weather is actually good. But secondly, I'm becoming more aware of how I can use my business to make a difference in the world to the things that truly matter to me.

Gasworks Art Park was very much a deliberate choice for me. Aside from having access to a white, light-filled, heated studio space and the surrounding park lands, there were two things that made me leaps at booking this space.

The Arts Community & Priscilla Jones
Let's chat COVID impacts for a moment. With events cancelled almost immediately and the arts industry relying on heavily on patron donations & industry funding they were one of the first industries to 'stand people down'.  And while a lot of industries have been able to 'restart' slowly, the arts industry is still unable to. The studio booking fee I pay to use the space goes towards Gasworks being able to put on more performances, host exhibitions for local artists and support the arts community.

As well as the Arts industry, it would be no surprise that our friends in Hospitality have also taken a hit, so supporting local businesses has never been more important. At the completion of your shoot, you'll be able to take your family over to local cafe on site, Priscilla Jones for coffee, hot chocolate or milkshakes, on me. Because again, I believe it is about making the money I spend work for the things that matter to me.

Honouring our Indigenous Family & curious conversations
I don't need to tell you about the race conversation happening across the globe - if you have spent 5 minutes on social media lately, you already know. But as a good friend of mine reminded me recently, moments like this require an open-hearted, curious  conversation. One night recently I opened my childhood copy of My Place and the clarity hit me like a tonne of bricks.

In order create space for Indigenous people to share their voice we need to have have more open-hearted, curious conversations.
About Indigenous Australians heritage, their way of life, their current struggles, their past struggles and our similarities over our differences. For those of you who haven't read, My Place it is a children's book showing how living in Australia has changed throughout the years (1788-1988 to be precise) told through the perspective of the children living here during these times.

Around the perimeter of Gasworks park is a Native Bush trail (don't worry, it's short walk so fine for children of all ages), which was created with the help of the Wurundjeri and Boonwurrong people. It showcases 22 different native plants that the Indigenous People and First Settlers would have used and their uses, from food, to collecting water and making tools.

I hope that after your photo session, by sharing this little nature walk with your children, you will have the opportunity to start or continue an open dialogue in your families on what it would be like to be a child growing up in the area prior to the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet and how children just like them would have used these plants. By creating open-hearted dialogue with our families and beginning to share stories of the countries first people, we will encourage more awareness and compassion of the Indigenous population and make space for them to live safely within this world, tell their stories openly and truly know their voices, lives and experiences matter to all of us.

Much love,

Marisa xx

PS.If you are unable to make the mini-sessions, but would love to find out more about the Native Bush trail - just click here to download the map for the bush trail.



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